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a film by John Starr & Roger Teich

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"I think so many people have had dreams of falling, and falling, and falling, and falling, and falling... that doesn't scare them.  Hittin' the ground at a hundred and twenty miles an hour and not being able to walk away from it, that's what scare's 'em."

- Don Jacobson, BASE Jumper "Stealing Altitude"


See where BASE jumping and skydiving are today. Check out the crazy videos on YouTube! Only a few are previewed here. Click on the arrow tabs to the left and right of the screen until you find a skydiving or BASE jumping video.

This is the official web site for the short documentary film Stealing Altitude, a film that profiles a skydiver who turned to an extreme sport known as BASE jumping.  Unlike skydiving, which is the sport of parachuting from aircraft,  BASE jumping is the extreme sport of parachuting from fixed objects such as skyscrapers, office towers, bridges, antenna towers and cliffs.


BASE Jumping FAQ

Visit Roger Teich's website for his new film "Devil's Teeth"


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