Stealing Altitude, a film by John Starr & Roger Teich


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BASE Jumping FAQ


BASE jumping and skydiving related web links

BASE related links:

Basic Research
This BASE equipment design & manufacturing company was founded by one of the "stars" of Stealing Altitude; Todd Shoebotham.

BASE jumping information
From Skydive Archive

Bridge Day Association
Organization that oversees the annual "Bridge Day" BASE jumping event in West Virginia.

BliNC magazine/"BASE board"
An online forum where active BASE jumpers discuss their sport.

321 Cya Productions
321CYA Productions & Jason Bell are dedicated to providing the most extreme, innovative, and awe-inspiring images of fixed object jumping, better known as BASE jumping.

Extreme Sports Web Links
A collection  of skydiving & BASE web links.

Aerial Extreme; extreme video productions

Sports Stunts Specialists
SAG Stunt Players, Actors and Stunt Engineers specializing in sports related stunts including; snow and water skiing, BASE jumping, skydiving, in-line skating, mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing and much more...

The International Pro BASE Circuit

Vertigo BASE Outfitters
"We've been making B.A.S.E. specific gear since 1989."

Skydiving related links:

Skydive Archive
A collection of FAQs & articles about skydiving

Skydiving Magazine
American skydiving's best news magazine

United States Parachute Association
The official governing body of skydiving in the USA
Dedicated to a Korean war fighter pilot squadron, this site also contains FAQ type articles & photos about skydiving.



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