Stealing Altitude, a film by John Starr & Roger Teich


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BASE Jumping FAQ

About Stealing Altitude
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BASE jumping is the sport of parachuting from fixed objects such as skyscrapers (BASE is an acronym that stands for Building, Antennae, Spans (bridges) and Earth structures (cliffs) -- the four types of objects jumped.)

Stealing Altitude explores the psychology of one jumper and documents his activity in the dawn and pre-dawn world of downtown Los Angeles.

The film was co-directed in 1990 by John Starr and Roger Teich.

Over the years, the film has screened at numerous film festivals including Sundance, the Houston International Film Festival and the American Film Institute Los Angeles Film Festival.  It toured with the first annual Festival of Short Films, and has also received several awards including Best Student Documentary at the Atlanta Film Festival, and the IDA/David L. Wolper documentary Merit award.

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Production Notes
Roger Teich's New Film "Devil's Teeth"


Obtaining a viewing copy of Stealing Altitude:

You can obtain a screening, preview or personal copy of Stealing Altitude by contacting the USC Moving Image Archive and requesting a copy.  Their number in Los Angeles is (213) 740-1567.

Their mailing address is:

USC Moving Image archive
School of Cinema-Television
University Park
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211
ATTN: Valarie Schwan

The film is archived in several formats including:

FILM: 16mm, 35mm
VIDEO: 1", 3/4" & VHS

A lab fee will be applied.  Such fees cover both the expense of striking dubs, and also aid in the upkeep of the USC student film archives.  In addition to lab fees, you may also be responsible for shipping & handling fees.

As of 8/99, the cost for a single VHS copy of the film, mailed within the United States is $35.00.




Stealing Altitude
Category: Documentary
Format: Black & White, 16mm
Running Time: 10min



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