Stealing Altitude, a film by John Starr & Roger Teich


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Stealing Altitude


Directed, Photographed & Edited by

John Starr & Roger Teich


Don & Edna Jacobson
Matt, Jamie & Nick Jacobson
Todd Shoebotham
Troy Fink

Other BASE Jumpers:

Keith Jones
Chuck Sweeney

Additional Camera Operators

Marianne Dissard & Clay Walker



Faculty Advisors

Patsy Asch
Doe Mayer
John Morrill
Janice Tanaka



Cary Berger


Sound Mixing

Larry Travis


Negative Cutting

Rene Johnson


Special Thanks

Jean Boenish
Nick Di Giovanni
Marianne Dissard
Dave Harder
Tony Kosko
Ralph Mittman
Todd Shoebotham
Troy Fink
Rich Stein
Clay Walker
Andy West


The BASE jumpers featured in this film dedicate their
participation to the memory of Dick Pedley, BASE 263


"Elvis has left the building"             "3...2...1   See ya!"


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